Top 25 Points to be Considered when creating a Company Profile.

Are you running a Business? Are you running a Startup Company? Do you know that a Company Profile is the most important document which carries your business identity? Let us now checkout the top 25 pointers to be considered when creating the company profile for your Business.

Creating an Exciting and Uniquely Designed Company Profile with the right narrative of Story telling concept to describe your Products and Services gets you a terrific lead conversion for your business.

Which kind of the Businesses requires Company Profile?

Any Businesses would require a Company profile to showcase their products and services to their stake holders, team, vendors, and the customers/clients. Startup Companies require company profile to showcase their business to the customers and investors. A Small Business Enterprise requires a company profile to showcase their business or to sales pitch in to the corporate and medium size customers.

Why does your Business require a Company Profile?

Your Perfectly designed company profile is the first face of your company. A properly written company profile will be having the contents such as your company management, products/services of your company, portfolio of the works completed, your previously dealt customers, case studies, pricing strategy (pricing models) of your products & services.  Your Company’s Vision, Mission & Value Statement also will be included in the company profile. The Objectives and Futuristic goals of your company can be updated in the company profile.

Do you require Impressive Designs in Presentations for designing the Company Profile?

Obviously! No more talks. A Rightly designed Presentation with the Perfect Images along with the color combination is good which gives a very good impression to the audience who are going to read your company profile for the first time.

Let us now dig deeper on what all design concepts makes your Adobe InDesign or PPT Presentation based Company Profile,

  • Best PHOTOS to be added in your Company profile.
  • Perfect PPT OR InDesign THEME for your Company profile.
  • The rightly placed SMART ARTS to improve your readability in the company profile.
  • COLOUR CORRECTION in the PPT Designing and the FILTERS for the Images in the Adobe InDesign makes a perfect readable/viewable color to your Company Profile.
  • Do you require an Astounding lead conversion with your company profile? Now design your company profile in the Story Telling Format.
  • Are you Looking for No more questions from your Customer? Now create your Pricing models in the company profile along with the features of the services you provide. This makes the customer to completely go through the profile and select the pricing model which would suit their purposes.


Do you require an Adobe InDesign based Company Profile or PPT Presentation based Company profile?

Adobe InDesign based designing or PPT Presentation based designing both are two different arenas of the designing concepts; each designing provides various concepts of the design factors such as spread model or flow model of the design sheet. Both the Adobe InDesign and PPT Presentation based design provides complete customized designing concept. These can be designed according to the theme your company prefers.

Who is the Target Audience who are going to read your Company Profile?

The Stakeholders of the Company, Investors, Team, Vendors, Customers/Clients are the important audience who will be checking your company profile.

What are the benefits of having a good company profile?

  1. Customers can understand about your complete products and services of your company by reading your company profile.
  2. Customers can opt for 2 or more services from your company if you have a good company profile.
  3. You can also discuss about the Case Studies of your previous project in the Company profile.
  4. Your Company profile helps you to create the brand identity and trust among the prospects.
  5. Increased response rate and lead conversion with the rightly designed company profile.

Now Let us checkout the top 25 points to be considered when creating a company profile.

  1. Clearly written name of the company.
  2. Logo to be placed in the company profile’s first page.
  3. Logo should be placed in the bottom of every page from the second page to protect your copyrights.
  4. Management/Structure of the Company.
  5. Founder(s) details of the Company.
  6. Contact Details and Location of the Company.
  7. Important Executives and Team of the Company can be given in the Hierarchy Smart Art Structure in the Company profile.
  8. Describe in detail the overall business activities of your company.
  9. Clearly and Precisely define the Products and Services of your company. The rightly written content to describe your services with the deliverables is an add on to build the reputation of your company.
  10. Define the complete business strategy of your company with the deliverables for each products and services, this keeps the confusion out of the conversation.
  11. History of the Company can be designed using the Concept of the roadmap in the Smart Art.
  12. Creating a Captivating story in the contents of your company profile makes your company profile to stand out with five-star ratings.
  13. Are you a Tech company? Maintain the Guidelines of the Professional Designing Concept. Are you a Media Company? Added Colors with Fresh Styled Fonts gives a Unique Cinematic outlook to your company profile.
  14. Why should your previous client be ignored in your company profile. Share the Logos of the Clients who have already worked with you. This gives a trust to be new client.
  15. The Flashy dashing Social Media Icons In your company profile makes your customer to know and connect your company in the social media platform.
  16. Reduce the efforts of your sales team with the rightly designed company profile. The Perfect Company profile is a supportive tool to your sales team, so the customer can get all the data required about your company in the company profile.
  17. Create a Perfect road map for your customers with the help of the company profile.
  18. Include the relevant information such as strengths, target audience, products and services, and track record of your company in the company profile.
  19. Include your company profile pdf in the Business Website of your company. Anyone viewing your website can download the company profile from your business website.
  20. Include the Testimonials of your Customers in the company profile which gives the trust and reliability to your new customer.
  21. Why not Include the Statistics and Performance Metrics in your Company Profile? Include the Statics which made your company to grow from the day the company was kickstarted.
  22. Why not numbers? Include the number of clients dealt with, number of projects completed, number of researches done Etc.
  23. Include the proper CALL TO ACTION in your company profile.
  24. Include the contact information such as your company name, your business’s physical location, a website URL, contact information, and an established date.
  25. Do not miss out to add the Awards & Recognitions received by your company in the company profile.

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