Funding For Startups

How to Invest in a Startup Company? What all Factors to be considered when Investing in a Startup Company?

Now a days, A lot of working capital is required to expand the business operations so that the customer is benefited out of what they are buying or getting service from the company. A Company with a good idea and good technical/marketing plan also require the Quantitative amount of Funding to expand it’s businesses. We help the companies to get the Investors such as Angel Investors,Private Equity Investors and Venture Capitalist.

How a Company can be benefited out of Angel Investors?

Any Startup Company would require some small amount of Working capital from 25 Lakhs Rs/- to 50 Lakhs Rs/- to run the business. We help the companies to get the Angel Investors who can invest in the ideas of the business, Know about the Founders of the Organization, If the Founders are found to be capable and dynamic to take over the responsibility and make the business idea to a successful execution, The Interested Angel Investors will be funding the company, This will be completely a Debt Funding, Irrespective of whether the company is performing well or not this amount along with the interest amount which is finalized and signed on contract between the company and the investor has to be paid back to the investor in 3 years of time with the Interest paid in Every Quarter.This helps both the Investors and the Entrepreneurs, where the Investors are getting their money back whether the company is performing well or not. The benefit to the Entrepreneurs will be such that the company can get working capital for minimum of 1 to 2 Years of time for the Successful Execution of the company before they require the Larger Funding from the Private Equity for the Further Expansion.

The Next Level of Funding from the Private Equity Companies for the Expansion Plan..

We help the companies to get the next level of larger funding based on the current expenses and the Revenue from the Private Equity Companies, This will help the companies to expand their process across the states and countries as well..Along with Improving the technology which can help the Customers and the Enterprise as well….

The “Buy Back of Shares” from the New Promoter..

We will help the Investors who are Investing in the Equity of the company to sell their shares in 3 years of time to another promoter. The Investor or the Company would not be in a need to search of the Buyer for the shares of the Investors which will be completely taken care by us.

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