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Personal Brand in LinkedIn. Checkout the Steps to follow here to create a Professional LinkedIn Profile

Professional LinkedIn Profile is required for anyone from an Executive to a Leader who is willing to network in a Professional Platform with the Influencers and Leaders of any Industry. Personal Branding is very important in a Professional Industry to build and Showcase your Professional Expertise to others. Several LinkedIn Articles and Posts are written every day in LinkedIn by several Influencers. Impact of the Contents are huge in the LinkedIn and the contents are also shared by several users.

LinkedIn Profile helps you to create a personal brand which can be visible to be Key decision makers and the Recruiters. 93% of the Recruiters use LinkedIn to search the Candidate Profiles and Shortlist the Profile. Google SEO also provides the LinkedIn profile of the Candidate when searched in Google with the name of the Candidate. For CEO’s having a good LinkedIn Profile with well written articles and posts makes the profile standout. I am sharing some top points to be considered when creating the LinkedIn Profile,

The Best professional Profile Picture

A Perfect Professional LinkedIn Picture gives a best clarity to connect with the person professionally. So, A LinkedIn profile picture is very important which is the face of your profile. A LinkedIn profile with the profile picture gives more visibility 75% more than the profile without the picture.

Add a Perfect Background Image

The Perfect Background Image of the LinkedIn Profile provides the user who is connecting with your profile an additional information on what is most relevant to you or important to you. Many of the LinkedIn Users add the background Image using the Canva( where you can add the background image with the text in the canva to be used as LinkedIn Banner.

Your Title Headline should be more appealing

The rightly placed headline provides the perfect first impression for the people connecting you. The recruiters connecting you will go with the Title Headline provides by you. You do not need to keep your current designation in the title, you can have some inspiring short details about you in the title.

Your Summary Statement should be your Professional Achievements

The Executive Summary statement is a short story about the person, The Summary can be used to explain in detail and crisp about your complete experience. The Summary can also be used to highlight the key specific skillset of yours. This is the Master piece where the networkers can know more details about you without going through your complete profile.

Proper Contents for your Experience

Provide the right contents for all your experience you carry along with the companies you have worked for. You can also add some Website Links or any Media Files attachments in your profile.

Proper Contents for your Education

Provide the Complete Contents for your Education, Your College Degree & Your Specialization.

Focus the attention on the Services you Offer as a Business

Services offered should be updated with your Services of your Business, If you are a freelancer this should have the details of the Services you Specialize as a Freelancer. The Services you offer provides the visibility of your profile.

Spread and Manage your Endorsement

Increase your Credibility of your Profile with the Endorsements from the networking people, your friends, and colleagues. This Endorsement will improve your brand value of your LinkedIn Profile.  Reach out to your friends to ask them politely to endorse you with few skills. Be Proactive in managing your endorsement in your LinkedIn Profile.

Take Skills & Assessments

Take up the LinkedIn Skills Assessments to demonstrate the skills and add a verified badge on your LinkedIn. Data shows that around 30% of the people gets recruited through the badge in the LinkedIn. The Assessment is a Voluntary one, If you Prefer you can take up the test.

Request Recommendations from your Clients and Employers/Managers

The Personal Testimonials of your LinkedIn profile gives you a perfect brand testimony on your work and experience. The recommendations provide a profile a hype of greater possibility of your profile visibility.  

Showcase your Learning Skills and Achievements

LinkedIn Learning skills you have learned can be added to your LinkedIn Profile on the successful completion of your LinkedIn Learning.

Attach the Marketing Links, Images in the Experience Section of the Profile

On every experience you can add your Website Links and Images in the section. This will add the Call to action in your profile.

Share Posts on LinkedIn

Sharing the Well Written posts and contents on your LinkedIn platform gives an opportunity for your profile visibility along with your Posts and Articles.

Follow the Influencers

Follow the Influencers on the LinkedIn, The Influencers contents can give you more opportunity to row your LinkedIn Network.

Publish Articles in LinkedIn

Publish more articles on LinkedIn, This Articles can be published on many aspects it can also be based on your Business you are into. The Articles are used by Content Marketers of the Companies to promote their Brand Online.

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