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What is Branding?

How VM AFFLUENCE helps Clients in Branding?

Creatively shape your Products, Services of your company with active branding strategy which helps your business to establish an outstanding brand value in the market to compete with your competitor’s brand.

Audience will know about your brand through the awareness created with the right Online /Offline branding provided to your business. With the right strategy on the branding perspective your customer will stick to your brand long term with the value provided through your brand.

Are you thinking that Logo is the only Branding for your business, A Big No ..

Only Logo is not the complete branding for your company. The Brand Voice and the Message built along with the Brand is known as the Branding. Branding in other words it is also the right communication sent to your customer regarding your brand/product.

Top Elements of Branding

Brand Name

Brand Name refers to the Identity of the brand in the market by the Consumers or Clients. Creating the Impression of your Brand Voice is through the Value your company is delivering through your brand. The value created improves the Brand recognition in the market. The Consumers or Clients are willing to pay an additional price or value to a particular brand because of the value created by the Brand.

Top Brands in the Globe with the Brand Value

Apple — brand value – $234.2 million.

Google — brand value – $167.7 million.

Amazon — brand value – $125 million.

Microsoft — brand value – $108.8 million. 

Coca-Cola — brand value – $63.4 million. 

Samsung — brand value – $61 million. 

Toyota — brand value – $56.2 million.

Brand Logo

A Visual Trademark of the Brand with the Brand Identity without the Logo name which can be identified by the Customers or the Clients. A Stylish Wording and Graphical version of your company name is known as a Logo. Logo can be many forms such as Lettering Logo or Monogram Logos, Pictorial Logos, Abstract Logo or Mascots Logo Etc.  A Logo is usually designed by a Graphic Designer with tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.


The World’s Most Recognized Logos










Creative soap labels pack Free Vector

Theme Line or Tag Line

A Catchy Tag line which is to denote the Brand of the Company in the Logo is known as the Theme Line or Tag Line. Convey the value provided to your customer through the Tag Line of the Brand.

Alina Wheeler has defined the Tagline in the Book Designing Brand Identity as “A tagline is a short phrase that captures a company’s brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the company from its competitors.”

Popular Taglines across the Globe

Discovery – Explore Your World

Disney – The happiest place on earth. (Disneyland)

eBay – Buy it. Sell it. Love it.

Amazon – Irresistible. Delivered.

American Express – Don’t Live Life Without It.

Canon – Delighting You Always

Cartier – The art of being unique

Caterpillar – Let’s Do The Work

MacBook Pro – A touch of genius.

AirPods – Wireless. Effortless. Magical.

iPad – Like a Computer. Unlike any computer.

Luxury logo design collection. rose gold emblems with initials and floral decorative for branding logo, corporate identity and wedding monogram design. Free Vector

The Most Loved Tag Lines across the Globe,

Nike – Just do it!

McDonald’s – I’m lovin’ it.

Burger King – Have it your way.

M&M’s – Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

California Milk Processor Board – Got milk?

Subway – Eat fresh.

Campbell’s Soup – Mmmm-mmm good!

Allstate – You’re in good hands with Allstate.

Taco Bell – Think outside the bun.

BMW – The ultimate driving machine.

Packaging Styles of the Brand

Close up on packaging of doypack standup pouch mockup Premium Psd

Successful branding is created by the packaging style of the brand to communicate the product value to the customers. Brand Packaging give the Product Owners, Distributors, Franchisees the Brand Value of the Product.

The Advertisement values can be leveraged with the support of the right packaging design with the concept of the product.

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