Testing’s fundamental objective is to ensure that the application performs acceptably under certain performance requirements such as access by a huge number of users or the removal of a key infrastructure part like a database server.

The general test scenarios for Performance Testing in a Mobile application are:

To identify the various application and infrastructure bottlenecks which prevent the application to perform at the required acceptability levels. To validate whether the response time of the application is as per as the requirements. To evaluate product and/or hardware to determine if it can handle projected load volumes.

To evaluate whether the battery life can support the application to perform under projected load volumes. To validate application performance when network is changed to WIFI from 2G/3G or vice versa. To validate each of the required the CPU cycle is optimization.

To validate that the battery consumption, memory leaks, resources like GPS, Camera performance is well within required guidelines. To validate the application longevity whenever the user load is rigorous.

To validate the network performance while moving around with the device. To validate the application performance when only intermittent phases of connectivity is required.