Creative Content Creation for your Websites.

What is a Content on your Website?

Are you on a verge to create the best creative contents for your Website? Your website contents will hold on the readers to understand the products and services you sell for your customers. Your Website contents will provide a clear understanding about your deliverables to your client which makes your client to take further steps and decisions on doing the business with your company.

Draft your Website contents in such as way that your contents hold the attention of the audience. Your Primary audience should be able to get the complete details on your company and the services of your company with the right creative marketing-based contents which has the right Call to Action in your Website along with the Contents.

A Well Written and Informative Contents that are useful for the readers are the major focus to drive your audience attention.

Top 10 Silver rules to write the best quality contents in your Website:

Silver Rule No 1:

Keep the Audience in mind when writing the contents. Know the Questions of the Audience and draft the contents based on the requirements of the audience.

Silver Rule No 2:

Understand the reader’s mind frame the contents in such as way that it helps the broader audience to have the number of Informative articles along with the narrowed audience readers who would be willing to purchase your products.

Silver Rule No 3:

Know your Customer persona, write clear and small sentences compared to the larger sentences. Clear words attract the user and the larger sentences and words usually confuses the reader. Writing the crisp lines with 35 words each sentence will improve your readability score.

Silver Rule No 4:

Sticking to the active voice can improve the readability, Using the words “You” helps the reader to have a personal informative content and Improves the reading speed of the reader.

Silver Rule No 5:

Improving the product and services description along with the with a clear word that are easily understandable to the user make the user to click the Call-to-Action Button.

Silver Rule No 6:

Providing the hyperlinks inside the article will improve the readers attention. The Articles should be written with broader audience in the mind. Not All Specialist and the Domain experts will be reading your Website Contents. Educated and Non-Specialist of your Domain or Industry will also be reading your Website contents to purchase your products or Services. So, using the common terms of Industry specific vocabulary or the Acronym reference in your Contents will be an added advantage.

Hyperlinks as below,

How to create a company profile, Check the Hyperlink.

Silver Rule No 7:

Using the right copyrighted headlines will attract the reader/audience to read the Website contents throughout the article. Attractive and Positive toned Website Copyrighted headlines will Increase your Website Traffic.

Here are some examples,

Top 10 Silver rules for writing the Website contents.

Do you that content marketing gets you the sales conversion.

Generate 1000 Likes for your Facebook Post through creative contents.

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Silver Rule No 8:

Readable text on the Website will increase your traffic. Use the bullet points, numbers in the article. Remove the long paragraph text and convert it with bullets and numbers. Using the Empty white lines in the article can be an added advantage for the reader to browse through.

Silver Rule No 9:

Dividing the contents of the article into multiple smaller paragraphs will increase your readability score in the SEO.

Below are some of our thoughts,

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Why Learn Artificial Intelligence?

What are the top benefits of learning Artificial Intelligence?

Top companies working on Artificial Intelligence.

Job Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence

Silver Rule No 10:

Using the Visuals such as Images, Video, Infographic Images in the Article helps the readers to understand the article in a precise and clear way compared to just writing the article.

Infographic as below,

Why Contents are Important for your Website?

Quality contents in your Website inspires the audience to make them to take the actions in the Call-to-action button In your Website. The User can share the Contents if the User/Audience/Reader can like your post or content.

What is a Creative Content Writing?

Creative content writing is used to express the Ideas or thoughts of the author in the descriptive way. Creative writing in a website can be done by keeping the audience in the mind and writing the way that audience or a website reader will be willing to read.

How to write the Contents for your Website?

The Contents in your website should have an eye in writing the descriptive contents by keeping the Search Engine Optimization keywords in your mind. The SEO Keywords will improve your ranking factors for the Website. Google will check for the User readability and useful contents before it fetches the data.

What are the Top Focus Points to be Considered when writing the Contents for your Website?

Search Engine Optimized Keywords in your Content.

Readability Score.

Using the simple language where users can understand.

Creative contents by keeping the readers in mind.

Using the right Call to Actions In the Website.

How about Spell Check and Grammar Check?

Writing an article initialing in the Microsoft word and then updating the contents in the Website will help you to reduce the grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes.

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