Create your Own Website Yourself with Zero Coding Knowledge.

Important Entrepreneurs – You can create your own WEBSITE without having any CODING KNOWLEDGE – Know How to Create your Website without Coding Knowledge – Blog by VM AFFLUENCE.

Hello entrepreneurs, At VM AFFLUENCE today we would like to give you the complete knowledge sharing on how to create your own website without having any Coding Knowledge.

We are not in 1950’s. oh, yes! You heard it right! We are not in 1950’s, we are in 2021 where we have got a numerous online tool to create your website completely from Scratch with Just DRAG & DROP Elements Option.  

Now any Guesses? Which Platform is the best tool to create the Website? Yes, It is WordPress.Com. You are perfectly right! This Website is Completely Free of Cost. You don’t need to pay a rupee for this Website.

Just Follow the Steps as below,

Click on – WordPress Website provides a Platform to build the Free Website. 42% of the Websites across the Globe is designed using the WordPress Themes. Most of the Bloggers, Influencers, Fortune 500 Companies use WordPress Platform. WordPress has several themes from the blogs, ecommerce website and many more themes.

Currently, We are going to use the Free Themes of WordPress to build the Site.

Click on the Get Started Button as per the Screenshot above.

Now, Provide the Email ID, Username, and the Password to Register in the Use the Unique Email ID, Unique Username. If the Username is already available, you can add numbers to the Username.

Example as below,

If the Username “Vasanthamugi” is already available, you can use the username as “Vasanthamugi1”

The password should have one CAPITAL letter, One Number to make it at least minimum strong.

Now the Next Screen will be Choose Domain.

Choose the Domain or Brand for which you need to create the website. It will be displaying the number of the Domains. Choose the Free Domain as given in the Screenshot.

Choose the Free Domain as per the screenshot below.

The Next screenshot will be the Choose Plan. Select the Start with the Free Site as per the Screenshot below.

Now the Website will be Loading as the Screenshot below,

Once the site is loaded, it will display the WordPress Dashboard. Provide the Name of the Site as per the Screenshot below

Provide the Site Title and the Site Tag Line. Usually, the Site Title is the Name of the Website, and the Tag line describes the Services of the Company. Now also load the Logo of the Website. You can use any of the Free Logo makers to create the Logo completely for free of the cost.

Upload the Logo as per The Screenshot below,

Once the Logo is Uploaded, Click on the Continue as per the Screenshot.

Click Done.

Hurray! Now the Site Title, Site Tag Line and the Logo is added to the Site.

Now Update the Home Page. Click the Link “EDIT HOMEPAGE” as per the Screenshot.

You can also click the Update Home Page in the Right side as per the Screenshot.

You can Edit the Site Name by Clicking on the Text, You can edit the name of the site.

You can also edit the BANNER Title name on the Website here. You can also edit the Font size as per the font size displayed in the TYPOGRAPHY on the Right side.

Site Banner Text can be marked as the Header1 or H1 or Header2 or H2.

You can also edit the Style of the Banner as the Bottom Wave or Top Wave. On Selecting the BANNER and Click on the Block in the right side.

Once the BANNER Bottom Wave is activated, you can click on the Plus Symbol at the bottom of the BANNER. The Plus Symbol will be displaying the Box to display the Header, Paragraph in the Popup Screen.

You can add the HEADER using the Header menu in the Popup.

You can add the Paragraph using the Paragraph menu in the Popup.

You can also add the Gallery List and the Quote in the Popup for adding the text/contents in the Website.

Adding the Heading and the Paragraph as per the Screenshot below,

Click the Update Button once the Contents are added in the Website.

Once the Preview of the Website is displayed, Click on the Visit Website.

Copy the Link of the Website in the address bar as per the screenshot below. Click on the Launch Website. Then Close the Chrome Window.

Once the Site is Launched, you can check the Website in the Incognito Mode and the Normal Chrome Window.

Now your website is Live.

Save your Website Link and Share it with Others.

Great! Congratulations! Now your Site is Live.

Hurray! Your Site is Live Now.