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Why is Education Important for Women?

Although the definition of education is broad, it may be summed up in a single sentence: “education is the development and progress of oneself.” Education equips us with the ability to learn new skills and communicate with others in a civilised manner. Because education is a fundamental human right, we should not discriminate between genders or sexes while giving educational opportunities. Unfortunately, discrimination against women still exists in many parts of the world, thus it is necessary to educate people about the fact that women, like men, deserve to be educated and that it is their basic right.

To begin with, education is a fundamental right for everyone, and when we say everyone, we must remember that women are included in this group. We cannot have such a large population of illiterate women in our society; it would be a huge loss to us. Every girl and woman, whether affluent, poor, young, elderly, married, unmarried, widowed, or of any other social standing, has the right to an education. Education is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

Discrimination and inequity always begin at the root level. When a boy goes to school while his sister stays home because she is a girl, it sows a seed of prejudice in the boy’s head. He believes he is superior simply because he is a boy, and he has no rational basis for this belief. When women participate in education by attending schools and colleges with males, the boys are more aware of their educational rights and are less likely to acquire a superiority complex. As a result, teaching both men and women promotes the concepts of equality and democracy.

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